Golem Sport Stable facilities provides modern box stalls of two types. Two of them are housed in a stable with large windows providing sufficient ventilation and an all-day view for the horses of all that is happening outside. Both stables have its own tack room and there is also a wash box available. The other stalls are outside around an open yard. Each box is equipped with a feeder, an automatic waterer, and a salt block holder. Tack is stored in a “barn” where you can also tie, groom, and saddle your horse. Horses are turned out daily into several hectares of grassy paddocks surrounding the Stable. The Draháň Natural Park in our vicinity provides ample possibilities for beautiful and safe rides on dirt roads and through forests. Horses are standing on dust-free wheat straw pellets.

Livery includes:

  •  all day care
  •  feeding 3 times a day: hard feed + hay (fresh grass in the summer)
  •  formulating a balanced ration tailored to suit the needs of your horse
  •  feeding feed supplements – vitamins, medicines
  •  bedding + mucking out 3 times a day
  •  turning out the horse to the paddock including booting, rugging, putting on a fly mask, and hoof picking
  •  use of outdoor and indoor arenas, round pen, wash box, etc.
  •  use of modern facilities – club house with changing room, washing machine, bathrooms, and common room with
    chimney and kitchenette